Introducing a new range of Freshly Frozen Fruit & Smoothie Mixes from Green Isle, giving you lots of delicious and nutritious options for breakfast, snacks and desserts with no food waste!

Our Fruit & Smoothies range are a quick, healthy and versatile option to help you and your family get your 5 a day into your diets. Kept fresh in your freezer in a resealable bag so you will always have a selection of fruits ready to go all year round with no Food Waste….perfect for making homemade smoothies, desserts and fruit snacks like a Sunrise Smoothie Bowl, Overnight oats with blueberry compote and chia seeds or Blueberry Pancakes. 

Each Green Isle product contains only the best fruit varieties, which have been carefully picked at their peak & frozen at their freshest to lock in all of nature’s goodness that everyone will love!

At Green Isle, we believe that fruit plays a very important role in everyone’s daily diet. They are naturally good for you and have many benefits. They contain vitamins and minerals, are low in fat, a good source of dietary fibre. An 80g serving of fruit counts as one of your five a day. Everyone should aim to have 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

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