FoodCloud Partnership

Green Isle FoodCloud Partnership

At Green Isle Foods we recognise that food waste is an important environmental issue, with a staggering one million tons of food wasted in Ireland each year.

Our latest Green Isle campaign focused on highlighting the issue of food waste, providing consumers with simple steps to reduce food waste at home, whilst also highlighting the benefits of frozen vegetables and fruit. Green Isle vegetables and fruit are an easy and healthy choice to help limit food waste. Use exactly as much as you need, when you need it, before putting the rest back into the freezer for the next mealtime.

However, we know that not all food waste happens at home and we are delighted to partner with FoodCloud, a non-for-profit organisation that connects businesses with surplus food to charities and community groups that need it. Since partnering in March 2020 Green Isle Foods has donated 7.6 tons of food which equates to approximately 18,095 meals. We are proud to be part ofย FoodCloudโ€™s great work.