Simple Steps toReduce Food Waste

Approximately €700 could be saved by every family in Ireland if they reduced their food waste, check out our simple steps to help you reduce your household food waste. 

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Simple Steps to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste costs Irish households nearly €1 billion every year – approximately €700 could be saved by every family in Ireland if they reduced their food waste. At Green Isle, we believe in limiting your food waste, so we’ve done all the prepping, clicking and chopping for you. You can use exactly as much as you need, when you need it before putting the rest back in the freezer for the next mealtime. As well as using frozen as an ally in combating food waste, check out more simple steps below. 

Think Before You Shop

Make a list – it saves time and money.
Check what is in your fridge and freezer.
Shop with meals for the week ahead in mind.

Green Isle Think before you shop step one of reducing food waste

Use or Lose Your Food

60% of us end up throwing away fresh food because it’s
passed its ‘use-by’ date.
Substitute fresh products with frozen alternatives like Frozen
Fruits, vegetables and Fish, use what you need plus you don’t
have to worry about use by dates and it will save you money.

Love You Freezer

The freezer is your friend for meal planning and family meal
You can plan ahead and pack your freezer in with home-made
meals, fresh and frozen ingredients to quick and tasty meals
when needed.
Use your freezer wisely and you can store all the vital
ingredients for time and money-saving meals.

Love Your Leftovers

More than half of households say they throw away food
because they’ve cooked too much.
Use leftover to prepare and store meals for the week ahead,
a smart way to make sure you eat everything you buy.