Green Isle champions good food!

Green Isle has been championing good, convenient, easy to make food in Ireland for over 60 years. Making you feel like a champion in the kitchen.

From classic side dishes of garden peas to flavoursome stir-fry mixes and crispy roast potatoes, Green Isle makes good food decisions easy. This festive season, Green Isle wants to make sure you’re one step ahead for the most anticipated dinner of the year and take the hassle out of cooking this Christmas with Green Isle. The Green Isle range of vegetable and potato sides saves you time on meal prep as they have done all the chopping and slicing for you, ensuring that Christmas day in your kitchen is as stress-free as possible and you feel like a champion in your kitchen.

“As a busy mum, I always choose Green Isle. The fruit and vegetables are picked at their peak and frozen at their freshest, locking in nutrition, and as a former World Champion, they champion good food on Irish tables. From stir fries to smoothies. Green Isle helps my family to eat well! I’ll be stocking up on everything I need ahead of the festive season in order make the prep on Christmas Day as stress-free as possible.” -
Derval O’Rourke - Green Isle Brand Ambassador

Why not try your hand at some of the delicious festive recipes from Green Isle below:

“For generations, Irish families have trusted Green Isle to put good food on their tables. We’re more than just a food company, we’re a good company and we’re committed to making it easy to eat well and live greener. To some people, Green Isle may just be the reliable pack in your freezer but dig a little deeper and you’ll realise that there’s much more to us than that. From sustainable packaging to tackling food waste, and ensuring our products are as nutritious as possible, we want to create an Ireland where everyone can eat better and live greener that’s goodness for all.” -
Mairead Walsh, Marketing Manager, Green Isle

If you make any of the recipes yourself, make sure you tag us! We love to see how you champion good food in your kitchen.